Your First Metal-Clay Experience

Your First Metal-Clay Experience
Your First Metal-Clay Experience
Company/Instructor Name: I Love Silver / Kris Kramer
Class Description: Online Courses in Metal Clay Available Anytime for All Time
Extra information:

If you have heard and read about Silver Metal Clay, then this is a good place to view a free introductory video to this amazing medium. One can begin playing with it and get off to a good start in one’s home.

I Love Silver is a collection of online courses published by Kris Kramer. There are four categories: Freebies, Basics, Beyond the Basics, Challenges in Metal Clay. The primary medium is silver metal clay, and there are a few courses on simple silver-smithing and jewelry-making. Once a course is enrolled in, it is are forever available to you.

Also at I Love Silver, there is a course offering a One-Hour Virtual Studio and a course to join a Monthly Live Webinar, which is simple a place for artisans to gather to share and learn from each other. And in case it’s not about the clay, there is a 30-minute Coaching Session available that can be about finding time, creating that special work space, tapping into your creative aspect, and what you personally bring to the clay.

Listed here on AMCAW then are the four categories of courses, the Virtual Studio and the Monthly Webinar.

Kris tries to publish a new course monthly, so check in often at I-Love-Silver. Her current goal is to publish more Beyond the Basics and Challenges course, as the basic skills are just about covered. If you have any course suggestions, please let Kris know at

Kris’ website is She was a Precious Metal Clay (PMC) Senior Instructor certified by the former PMC Connection and is Rio-Rewards Certified by RioGrande, thanks in part to a grant from the Montana Art Council. In 2012 Kris “passed with distinction the certification review” by the Montana Arts Council, signaling that she developed a sustainable business in art and a strong brand suited for her specific artistic and business niche. Kris is listed as a Master Level 1 in 2017 and Level 2 in 2018 in Metal Clay Masters Registry.