Lis-el Crowley Vision Award

2022 winner Terry Kovalcik

Terry Kovalcik, 2022 Lis-el Crowley Vision Award Honoree

Our honoree, Terry Kovalcik, brings more than 4 decades of experience as an artist and maker to his work in metal clay, which he was introduced to in 1999. His years as an illustrator and designer inform his approach to working in the medium and have led him to develop techniques for which he is well known within the metal clay community.

Terry developed the viscosity painting technique using his fine brush skills to apply metal clay paste to create beautiful bas-relief designs and sculptural forms. His carving techniques rely on his steady hand to create unique three-dimensional forms. Both surface techniques can be seen inside and outside of his exquisitely made lockets, which require an eye for precision and complexity.

As an internationally sought-after metal clay instructor, Terry is a master at breaking down the construction of these complex pieces and inspiring his students to create their own versions one small step at a time. Many in the metal clay community consider him to be a mentor and a builder of communities.

Notably, Terry helped to launch and is the lead administrator for the well-known Facebook group, Metal Clay Now, and the companion website and learning hub at The group has grown to more than 17 thousand members around the globe and is recognized as a premier resource for artists seeking inspiration and support as they travel their own journeys with metal clay.

Throughout his metal clay career, Terry has been recognized internationally as an instructor, speaker, designer, and artist. His lengthy list of awards and recognitions features his role as a Rio Rewards Certification Senior Instructor, Saul Bell finalist, and creator of a one-man gallery show.

Be sure to watch the video interview below where Terry and Julia Rai discuss a wide range of topics, including his background as an illustrator, and his propensity for creating complex designs in metal clay.

Congratulations, Terry!

Terry Kovalcik Blossom Silver Cuff 2014
Terry Kovalcik Meadows Edge 2020
Terry Kovalcik Little Ditty Pod 2019
Terry Kovalcik Hollow Forms 2020