Shaping the Future of Metal Clay

About the Alliance for Metal Clay Arts Worldwide

AMCAW’S mission is to encourage a flourishing international metal clay community by nurturing artistic and instructional excellence and providing resources to inspire, engage and support artists of all levels. AMCAW will help to unify the metal clay community regardless of brand or formula preference, experience level, or location. The organization will introduce metal clay to new users and bolster the reputation of metal clay in the greater arts community.

The founding Board members of AMCAW are a group of passionate professionals and artists committed to these ideals. The work of AMCAW is conducted almost entirely by volunteers. The organization is a nonprofit corporation whose leadership includes metal clay professionals and enthusiasts from around the world. While AMCAW is based in the U.S., our board members and our scope of work seek to unite the global metal clay community.


Lora Hart, Cindy’s Eye

Bertha Alwan, Spinner Ring

AMCAW’s program priorities are guided by a 16-member Board of Directors. The actual programs are carried out by a corps of more than 50 volunteers from the metal clay community.


Top, Robert Dancik, Brooch
Above, Julia Rai, City Brooch
Right, Hadar Jacobsen, Architectural Dress

AMCAW’s current program priorities include:

  • A metal clay conference with an international scope to be held either annually or bi-annually
  • An ever-evolving website with educational resources and interactive features to help the community learn, connect and engage
  • E-newsletters and social media channels to share news, challenges and inspiration
  • Curated opportunities to showcase exemplary work by metal clay artists from around the globe, online, in print and in exhibitions
  • Challenges and competitions designed to encourage and promote artistic development and growth
  • A support system to assist local groups and guilds to form and prosper
  • Outreach initiatives to introduce the medium to new users and bolster metal clay’s reputation in the larger arts community
  • A focus on member only content and instructor specific engagement to continuously enhance the value of membership