AMCAW Tutorial Collections

An Exclusive Benefit for AMCAW Members


As tutorials are a great way to learn a new technique and advance your metal clay skills, AMCAW has offered free tutorials to our members from our inception. We now offer two full tutorial collections, and will continue to add new tutorials regularly. All are free with your AMCAW membership.

The Flash & Fire Tutorial Collection is the set of tutorials donated by well-known artists to AMCAW in its first year. These fifteen tutorials range from beginner to advanced skill levels, covering such diverse topics as making custom prong settings to enameling and firing base metal clay.

The 20-Gram Tutorial Collection features tutorials for projects which use only 20 grams of silver clay, and all are torch-fireable. In addition to downloadable step-by-step PDFs, these tutorials are also available online, some of which have videos illustrating many steps. 

AMCAW wishes to thank all the generous artists who donated these terrific tutorials to help artists everywhere become inspired, learn, and explore the possibilities of metal clay!

20-Gram Collection

You’re invited to view videos of the contributing artists below as they share their project, why they chose it, and what you can expect to learn from their tutorial. Click on the tutorial name or artist name to go to the tutorial page or click on the 20-Gram Tutorial Collection button to view the whole collection together and download pdfs (you will need to log in to access the tutorial/collection pages).

New to the collection!

Clément Marquaire’s Lotus Blossom Pendant

Lotus Blossom Pendant

Clément Marquaire

Reversible Heart Pendant

Cindy Silas

Piecing It All Together

Lyle Rayfield

Double Pendant

Paola Mattioli

Fired, Fused and Fun

Stephanie Chavez

Cocktail Ring

Tracey Spurgin

Sparkling Garden Screw Top Box

Julia Rai

Rosedrop Pendant

Vickie Hallmark

King of the Ocean

Sandra Quell

Metal Clay Catch of the Day

Karen Trexler

Evil Eye Amulet

JJ Singh

A Deceptively Simple Design

Helga van Leipsig

What If You Fly?

Annemarie Klappe

Circle of Stories

Anna Campbell

My Little Book of Runes

Ana Townsend

Honey Bee Pendant

Alex Kraft

Windows Pendant and Earring Set

Liz Sabol

Byzantine Style Dangling Earrings

Meropi Toumbas

Flash & Fire Collection

Fused Dichroic Glass Cabochons

Lis-el Crowley

Ammonite Pendant

Gordon Uyehara

Floral Delight

Sian Hamilton

Devotion Clasp

Rodi Frunze

Scratchfoam and Dichroic Glass

Lis-el Crowley

Ir-resist-able Patina

Lora Hart

Enamel on Base Metal Clay

Paula McDowell

What's Your Story

Wendy McManus

Loop in Loop Chain

Evelyn Pelati

Inlay Earrings

Cindy Silas

Found Object Earrings

Gordon Uyehara

Tracey Spurgin Iceberg

Tip of the Iceberg

Tracey Spurgin

The Kiln Gods Were Kind

Carrie Story

Custom Prong Settings

Lis-el Crowley

Link Bracelet

Gordon Uyehara