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The AMCAW Virtual Guild is a benefit available only to AMCAW members.  Once per quarter, join a live online meeting where you can learn new skills from top-notch members of the metal clay community.

Our goal is to move beyond teaching techniques to create a space where artists of all levels can contribute their knowledge and enthusiasm, learning from each other and supporting and interacting for the benefit of the entire community. All Virtual Guild Meetings are recorded to make it easy for our members to listen at a later time when the live meeting is not convenient.

Our next meeting is September 18, 2021

Meeting Schedule

September 18, 2021 (1-3 Eastern)
Robert Dancik, Topic: Design

November 20, 2021 (1-3 Eastern)
Lora Hart, Topic: Friction Fit Lid

March 19, 2022 

July 16, 2022 

There’s Water in the Well – I Just Can’t Find My Bucket
by Robert Dancik

September 18, 2021, at 1pm Eastern, 2 hours

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After listening to lots of folks over the past several months, it seems that along with the toll it has taken on people’s health, the pandemic, in its many and varied manifestations, has had a rather drastic effect on creativity.  So many of us have found that when we sit down at our workspace, ready and anxious to get back to work there seems to be this void when it comes to putting pencil to paper (or roller to clay).  In conversation with many people in a number of fields including art making, writing, music, (the creative arts), a lot of us are facing the same dilemma.
In this presentation I offer a bit of a different view of the creative process and I offer too, a few ideas concerning how to jump start the process of making again and ways of going forward to try to “avoid the void” in the future.
 A few handouts will be available and there will be time for questions, comments and the occasional creative anecdote. 
Tracey Spurgin AMCAW Virtual Guild Trillion Stone Set Brooch Project
Robert Dancik

About Robert Dancik

Robert Dancik has been an artist/teacher for more than 30 years.  He is the originator of Faux Bone and Solid Expressions – Artist’s Concrete. These two new materials are perfect for artists involved in jewelry, artist’s books, sculpture, and other disciplines. 

Robert is also the author of the book Amulets and Talismans: Techniques for Creating Meaningful Jewelry.  Robert teaches workshops worldwide and has work in numerous museum, public and private collections both here and abroad. He has artwork published in many books including, in the Lark series500 Pendants500 handmade Books and 1000 Rings.  Robert’s work is also featured in PMC Decade, Fine Art of the Tin Can,  The Art of Resin Jewelry, Zilver Klei (Denmark), and Creative Metal Clay Jewelry

Robert lives in Connecticut, is an avid cook (he didn’t say good) and collector of toys, maps, and compasses. Find Robert online at,,

Virtual Guild Video Library

To see the video recordings of previous meetings please click the button below. You will need to be logged into your account to access these recordings.

Robert Dancik Why Design Virtual Guild meeting

Tracey Spurgin – Trillion Cabochon Stone Set Brooch

Virtual Guild meeting July 17, 2021

Robert Dancik Why Design Virtual Guild meeting

Michael Marx – Creating the Illusion of Dimension with Layered Textures

Virtual Guild meeting May 15, 2021

Corina Gheorghe

Sian Hamilton – How to photograph
and edit with free software

Virtual Guild meeting March 20, 2021

How It Works?

Each Virtual Guild meeting includes three sections:

  1. Presentation by a top-notch metal clay instructor
  2. Q & A session for viewers to ask questions of the instructor
  3. Show & Tell segment where members’ pieces can be shared and discussed

The meetings are held in a webinar format. The presenting instructor is live online and will use on-screen photos and videos to teach concepts and techniques that are of interest to metal clay artists.

We know you will have great questions! That’s why time is set aside in each meeting for Q & A with the instructor. Participants use the built-in Q&A and chat boxes to ask questions and engage in discussions.

During the Show & Tell segment, we show photos of pieces submitted in advance by members who wish to get feedback, seek help with problem-solving or share their own creative solutions. The trusty chat box will allow everyone to get into the action and share their thoughts.

Join us live for the Virtual Guild meeting or watch the recording afterwards.

Your choice!

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Do I have to be an AMCAW member to participate in the Virtual Guild?
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How often are the Virtual Guild meetings?
What happens after I register for a Virtual Guild meeting?
You will receive an email with a link to join us on Zoom webinar. After you register, you will also get reminder emails 1 week prior to the meeting and the day before the meeting.
Do I have to register for each Virtual Guild meeting?
Yes. You will need to revisit the registration page to register for each meeting.
Do I need to download software on my computer before the meeting?
When you click the link to join your first Zoom webinar, you will be prompted to download the Zoom software. You can also prepare ahead of time by downloading the software here. When you join meetings in the future, the app will automatically open when you click on the meeting link.
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How far in advance do I need to register for the meetings?
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What if I miss a meeting?
Don’t worry. Recordings of past meetings will be available via the Virtual Guild page on the AMCAW website. You’ll need your AMCAW username and password to access the recordings.
Do I have to be an AMCAW member to submit works to Show & Tell?
What kind of things should I submit to Show & Tell?
You can submit anything that is related to metal clay. You might submit pieces where things didn’t go as planned and talk about how you overcame the issues. Or maybe you tried something new or were surprised that things went better than expected. You can also request feedback for how to overcome challenges you are having with the piece. For guidelines about submitting Show & Tell pieces, please visit the Virtual Guild page on the AMCAW website.
Do submissions to Show & Tell have to be finished pieces?
No. We want to show work in different stages so please submit works in any stage of completion.
Why do I need to register and submit for Show & Tell at least 2 weeks before the meeting?
The Virtual Guild team needs enough time to address each submission and prepare for that portion of our meeting.
How do I submit something for Show & Tell?
A link to submit work for Show & Tell will be in the registration confirmation email. The link is also on the registration page.

About Guilds

Since the middle ages people with common interests have been coming together to form guilds. The craft and merchant guilds of that time were an important part of the fabric of society, maintaining standards and protecting the interests of the members. Though the merchant guilds have faded away there are still guilds of artisans and craftspeople. Today these groups serve to help us share knowledge and create companionship with others who are passionate about the same thing. 

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