Directory of Guilds

Local and regional metal clay guilds provide the opportunity for artists to connect, share ideas and build community. To get your guild listed in this directory, please complete this form.

Arizona Metal Clay Artists

The mission of the Arizona Metal Clay Artists (AZMCA) is to serve the membership through member support, sharing of ideas, information, tips and education.

AZMCA has many members who actively teach, participate in community shows, and work with a variety of metal clay brands and types. Membership includes those just starting on their metal clay journey to those that are published artists, recipients of various awards, Saul Bell finalists and several who have been creating with metal clay since its inception in the 1990s. There is something for everyone in our welcoming group.

Meetings are the first Sunday of each month. Please contact us for the exact time and location.

Contact us at or through our Facebook page


Georgia Metal Clay Guild

Based in Atlanta, GA, the GMCG serves the state of Georgia. Our focus is on providing educational programs and social interaction for our local metal clay community. Because our mission is to create a community and bring people together, we do not record or broadcast our meetings.

For more information visit the website

We meet 8 times a year at Spruill Center for the Arts in Dunwoody, GA. Our meetings are the second wednesday of the month at 7pm with the exception of June, July, August and January. We do not meet those four months.

To join the group visit use the sign up link. Membership is free.


Greater Philadelphia Metal Clay Guild

We are a free and informal group of Metal Clay artists interested in meeting others with an interest in Metal Clay and Jewelry Making. We service Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware, Bucks, Berks, Lancaster, and surrounding areas. We welcome new and experienced artisans welcome.

• Free and educational meetings.
• Guest master instructors.
• Field trips.
• Play sessions and more.

Find our events and activities on Facebook

Meetings are held monthly in different members homes, see our list of activities on our Facebook page.

Sign up for an event and come and attend, it’s free. Guest instructors and classes usually have a fee associated.


Holly Gage


L’esprit du Métal – The Louisiana Chapter of the PMC Guild

The primary mission of the Louisiana Chapter of the PMC Guild is to celebrate “L’esprit du Métal”, the spirit of metal.  We are a group of dedicated metal clay enthusiasts who wish to gather together to:

• Promote education and understanding of metal clay among its members and the community
• Share knowledge of metal clay techniques
• Encourage and inspire each other
• Advance our artistic development in metal clay of all forms

At this time, there are no regularly scheduled meetings. 

Check the website, and our Facebook page for upcoming meetings and events.

Paula McDowell

Metal Clay Guild of Central Florida

MCGCF was created to bring together metal clay artists in the area to get to know each other so that we may support and learn from each other.

The MCGCF is not currently scheduling in-person meetings. Kathy is putting her energy into building a virtual guild program with AMCAW. However, we will keep the Facebook group open to new members so we can stay in touch and perhaps reconvene in person down the road. 


You can request to become a member through our Facebook group. Search for Metal Clay Guild of Central Florida or click here.

If you are not on Facebook you can email Kathy Mcdonald

Metal Arts Guild of Nova Scotia

The Metal Arts Guild of Nova Scotia is a not-for-profit organization composed of metal artists and craft workers, founded in March 1951. The Guild’s purpose is to stimulate and develop an interest in both traditional and innovative metal crafts and art. This includes jewelry, silversmithing and goldsmithing, sculpture, enameling,metal clay, blade making. It involves the use of non-precious and precious metals, alone or in combination with alternative materials.

The Guild aims to encourage and assist members in developing their skills and by providing learning and development opportunities primarily for the members. It also aims to provide as many opportunities as possible for members to participate in craft display, promotion or markets.
We are located in Nova Scotia, Canada and have members throughout the entire province.

For more information see our website.

To learn more about us please see or website or email the guild at
We meet once a month and all are welcome to visit. Check the MEETINGS tab on our website for the next meeting.


Membership is open to those interested in developing their skills in the Metal Arts.

For full membership, the applicant will submit to the Standards Committee an application form together with three (3) representative pieces of their work using metal and any alternative materials, recently made by the applicant. The pieces should show evidence of some capability in working metal, but an expert level of practice is not required. The Guild is a teaching organization and will assist members to advance their skills and standards of work. 

Associate Members will be persons interested in the metal arts, or intending to become full members. They are welcome to attend meetings and workshops to advance their skills.

To become a member of the Metal Arts Guild of Nova Scotia please contact:

Ben Sickles (President) 
(902) 890-9810‬

Ben Sickles (President) 
(902) 890-9810‬

Northeast Ohio Metal Clay Guild

The North East Ohio Metal Clay Guild is a membership organization made up of people interested in practicing jewelry-making skills, especially in metal clay. We started out as an organization to learn more about using metal clay, but we’ve evolved into other jewelry and metal skills, from “traditional” to not so traditional.  From time to time, we’ve tried fold-forming, chain mail, polymer, resins, wire-working, enameling, dichroic glass, kumihimo, etching, and more, but the first love of most of our members is still metal clay. We offer occasional workshops to our members first and then to the public.

Check the website, and our Facebook page for upcoming meetings and events.

We meet the third Sunday of most months, from 2:00-4:00 p.m. at the Valley Arts Center, 155 Bell St, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022. Occasionally we have excursions or alter the meeting date or time.

Membership is $30 per year. Contact the president, Pat Hartman, or the treasurer, Carolyn Hoffart.


Pat Hartman


Utah Metal Clay Guild

Utah Metal Clay Guild was created to bring together metal clay artists in the Utah area. Creating a community were fellow metal clay artist can get to know, support and learn from one another.

While this had been an official group for some time now. We are in the process of making it more official. In the meantime we do not have a specific meeting schedule. Please like and follow the Facebook group for information.

You may like and follow our Facebook group. Search for Utah Metal Clay Guild or CLICK HERE


If you are not on Facebook you can email Stephanie Chavez