Call for images

Take this opportunity to step into the spotlight. Send us high-quality images of your finest metal clay creations and they could be featured in AMCAW’s promotional efforts.

Help us build a curated image library to support our goals of inspiring metal clay artists of all levels while bolstering the reputation of metal clay in the greater arts community. We’re looking for images that will highlight the amazing work being created in metal clay.

The images selected for inclusion in our image library may be used in a variety of ways on our website, social media, advertising, PR and promotional efforts, both online and in print. If your image is selected and used, you will be credited as the artist.

Annemarie Klappe, Brooch

Hadar Jacobsen, Architectural Dress

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Above Jackie Truty, Glass In Silver
Right, Cindy Pope, cuff

Jackie Truty, Glass In Silver

We need images of metal clay creations that exhibit:


  • Outstanding workmanship
  • Original and innovative designs
  • Successful incorporation of other media with metal clay
  • Crisp, clean, high-quality photography

These images will help to highlight metal clay’s versatility. They will be an invitation to artists in other media to explore the vast possibilities available with metal clay. To support this goal, we are especially interested in images that show metal clay with other media, such as enamel, stones, ceramics, polymer clay, resin, glass and other metals (see below for the full list of categories).

Interested? Here’s what you need to know.

  • Images will be reviewed by a jury which will be looking for design originality, excellent craftsmanship and innovative use of media.
  • Images must be clear, in focus and uncluttered.
  • Mixed media work must include metal clay as a meaningful element, even if it’s not the main medium used.
  • Full attribution will be given to the artist whenever an image is used by AMCAW. We will also credit the photographer if different from the artist.

Anna Mazon, In The Eye Of The Beholder 

Rebecca Natanson, Pendant

How to submit your images

  1. Click this link to access the online form
  2. Read and agree to the official rules
  3. Fill in the required information in the form
  4. Multiple submissions per person will be accepted, but only one image per form

Photography tips and guidelines

The only thing the jury will see is the photograph of your piece. That’s why the image must represent your work in the best way possible.

  • Details of the piece should be clearly visible
  • Photos must be in focus and well lit
  • Use a plain, uncluttered background with no additional props (plants, rocks etc)
  • White backgrounds are strongly preferred
  • Do not show pieces on a model


  1. Size:  Images should be at least 1000 pixels on the shortest side.  Please upload the largest file size possible, up to 100mb.  The larger the file, the more likely it will be used.
      • To check your image size on a Mac – Find the image file in Finder, right click on the image and select Get Info. A pop-up window will open with the dimensions of your image displaying in the More Info section.
      • To check your image size on a PC – Right click on the image file, look at Properties, and then view the Summary tab.
  2. File format:  must be a .jpg or a .tif.
  3. File name:  make sure your photo is always credited to you by renaming it in the following format before you upload it.
      • Photo taken by you:  Artistfirstname_Artistlastname_Descriptor  (for example, Mary_Smith_Brooch)
      • Photo taken by someone other than the artist: Artistfirstname_Artistlastname_photographerfirstname_photographerlastname_Descriptor (example:  Mary_Smith_John_Doe_Necklace)
  4. Please make sure:
      • If you do not own the copyright on your image, please make sure you have permission to offer them for use by AMCAW.
      • No props or models in the picture;  white backgrounds are preferred
      • No watermarks, logos, names or other identifiers in the image.
      • Images showing pendants must be shown as finished jewelry on a chain, cord or any other type stringing material.

Gather your details

Before you start filling in the form, gather the following:

  • Your photo file, named following the directions in the technical specifications above
  • Photographer’s name (if different from the artist)
  • What the piece is (ex: necklace, earrings, box, etc)
  • The name of the piece
  • Type of metal clay used – Fine silver | Sterling silver/960/950 | Bronze | Copper | Gold Other
  • Category(s) for all of the media used in the piece
  1. Metal clay creations in all brands and formulas
  2. Metal clay and other metals
  3. Metal clay and stones/gems/pearls
  4. Metal clay and beads
  5. Metal clay and ceramics
  6. Metal clay and glass
  7. Metal clay and polymer clay
  8. Metal clay and resin
  9. Metal clay and enamel
  10. Metal clay and other coloring methods
  11. Metal clay and mixed media
  12. Metal clay and fiber/textiles
  13. Metal clay and organic materials
  • List of materials used (ex: milled metals, stones, beads, enamel, other media or embellishments) including the materials referenced in the categories you checked above
  • Process used to combine metal clay with other media (if applicable)
  • Website or social media link (optional), one per submission
Official Submission Rules
  1. Artists may submit as many images as they like. Each image must be submitted separately, and each image must follow these official rules. 
  2. Images must be submitted online using this form. No other submission methods will be accepted.
  3. The person submitting the image must have full authority to do so and must own the copyright to the image and content therein.
  4. Submitted images must use metal clay as a substantial part of the piece. 
  5. Submitted images can be of jewelry, body adornment, a decorative or a functional item. Images showing pendants must be shown as finished jewelry on a chain, cord or any other type stringing material.
  6. There are multiple categories for entries based on the media used (along with metal clay) in the design. Please choose the correct category(s). AMCAW reserves the right to reclassify the category of any submission.
  7. Do not list your name, company name, watermark or logo or any other information in the photograph. If your image is used, it will be attributed to you with a photo credit. 
  8. For each image you submit, you give AMCAW permission to use the image of your piece in print and/or online education, marketing and publicity efforts. AMCAW may use the image on social media, advertising, website and other venues. By submitting an image of your work via this form, you are agreeing to these conditions.
  9. AMCAW reserves the right to alter images with color-correction, retouching or removing backgrounds as needed.
  10. AMCAW is looking for original designs, excellent craftsmanship and innovative use of media.
  11. Images will be reviewed, and some will be accepted into our asset library. This will give our team a wide range of images to use as the needs arise. There is no guarantee that your image(s) will be accepted or that they will be used.
  12. We anticipate a high volume of images to be submitted. You will not be personally notified of the outcome of the review process or the use of your image.
  13. The decision of the AMCAW jury is final.