Bits & Pieces Winners Gallery

This is the gallery of all winners of our monthly Bits & Pieces challenge. The challenge is to make a piece with five different elements and a specific theme. Each month the elements and theme change!


Bits and Pieces Challenge 

Theme: Cold

FEBRUARY Bits and Pieces Challenge Elements:

  1. Metal clay dots
  2. Embeddable bail(s)
  3. Something molded
  4. Something symmetrical
  5. For texture or used in the design – a skeleton leaf
Annemarie Klappe Bits & Pieces Feb 21

February 2021 winner

Annemarie Klappe

Juror comments – The jurors had such a hard time deciding on this month’s winner but this piece just ticked all the boxes with its quirky design and the fragile skeleton leaf heart. They loved the story and one juror said, ‘This piece is sort of Steampunk on steroids for me’! They loved everything about it from the design to the use of two metals. It showed very good technique and an excellent choice of materials. It was nice to see a different way of hanging other than a chain with the use of the leather cord and the commercial chain used for hanging the key. All the little details combine to create a beautifully complete piece which expresses the narrative perfectly. Well done!


Bits and Pieces Challenge 

Theme: New Beginnings

JANUARY Bits and Pieces Challenge Elements:

  1. Natural gemstone(s)
  2. Embeddable eyelet(s)
  3. Five metal clay embellishments – balls, donuts, flowers etc
  4. A visible bail – not a jump ring!
  5. For texture or used in the design – something you got during the holidays
Ellen Cole Bits and Pieces winner Jan 21

January 2021 winner

Ellen Cole

Juror comments –The jurors agreed that this piece fits the New Beginnings theme perfectly. A delightful piece. The jurors all like the branch as a bail, especially with the bird atop the branch. Design-wise, the rectangular background gives the feeling that we’re seeing a slice of a larger scene and with its slight texture, the background recedes for an illusion of great depth. Breaking the edge of the background with the leaves and branches is an excellent design decision and again, adds to the illusion of depth. The birds, flower, nest, and leaves are formed with a certain abbreviation that nicely fits the “mood” of the piece. The whimsical bird dangling a worm over a nest full of hatchlings is really delightful. The pop of colour on the birds and flower are lovely additions. Well done on your first Bits and Pieces submission!


Bits and Pieces Challenge 

Theme: Festive

DECEMBER Bits and Pieces Challenge Elements:

  1. Embeddable prong setting(s)
  2. Fire-in-place stone(s)
  3. A splash of color
  4. Something to add movement
  5. For texture or used in the design – a candy wrapper
Helen Drye Bits and Pieces winner Dec 20

December 2020 winner
Helen Drye

Juror comments – The jury agreed that this is a lovely piece. They really liked the fact that it’s a Christmas tree ornament that can also be taken apart and used to create two pendants. They agreed the use of the candy wrapper as a kind of “stained glass” element placed over the openings in the design was cleverly done and provided a great pop of color. One thing they noted was that the hanging pendulum element was only textured on one side and felt it would have been good if this was double sided. Overall, the piece was well constructed, innovative in its dual functionality and a lovely debut piece from Helen for the Bits and Pieces challenge. 


Bits and Pieces Challenge 

Theme: Rain

NOVEMBER Bits and Pieces Challenge Elements:

  1. Hollow form
  2. Something embeddable
  3. Something oval
  4. A touch of gold – paste, keum boo or any other coloring medium
  5. For texture or used in the design – string or twine
Ana Townsend Bits & Pieces Nov 20 silver rain jacket pendant

November 2020 winner
Ana Townsend

Juror comments – This is such fun and a really delightful piece in every way! It looks complex particularly the addition of a hood on the jacket. In fact the jurors especially like the curve of the hood in the back. This design is super cute, really nicely done! The mittens hanging from the sleeves and the pops of gold on the pockets and gloves are also really lovely touches. These, together with the cuffs on the sleeves are all fabulous details and add to the success of the piece. A bit of patina could heighten the contrast of those elements and would add another level of appreciation of the work. It is really playful and evocative of childhood and walking in the rain. Very well executed. Well done Ana!


Bits and Pieces Challenge 

Theme: Spooky

OCTOBER Bits and Pieces Challenge Elements:

  1. Metal clay tentacles, coils or snakes
  2. 3D element(s)
  3. Stone(s) or glass cabochon(s)
  4. Something orange or green
  5. For texture or used in the design – a walnut
Brett Althorp Bits & Pieces Oct 20 winner Halloween mask brooch

October 2020 winner
Brett Althorp

Juror comments –Brett has captured the very essence of the spooky theme with this piece. The jury used phrases like ‘freaky but I like it!’, ‘fun, silly, and oddly appealing’ and ‘this is really spooky–especially the eyes and tentacles of the hair.’ Jurors loved the fact that it was a brooch and a pendant making it suitable for both men and women to wear. In fact our only male juror said, ‘I like it and I think I might even wear it!’ The gems that Brett has chosen for the eyes are really starey scary which is captured perfectly in the photograph. And the jury felt the hair had a Marge Simpson quality that gave them all a good laugh. Well done Brett and thanks to all the wonderful pieces that were submitted for our spooky Halloween themed challenge in October. 


Bits and Pieces Challenge 

Theme: Shine

SEPTEMBER Bits and Pieces Challenge Elements:

  1. Prongs
  2. Something made with polymer clay
  3. Metal clay donut(s)
  4. A repeating element
  5. For texture or used in the design – a toy

September 2020 joint winner
Joy Wignall

Juror comments – Very clever design. The legend subtly links the computer chip and circuit board used in the texture and design elements. We love the stones and the connecting wires that evoke the wires on the inspiration toy computer chip. The asymmetrical placement of the donut set stones are nicely balanced. Well done!

September 2020 joint winner
Pam Feindel

Juror comments – Lovely setting for the polymer clay cab which looks a lot like stone. The curved design of the earrings suggests lots of movement. Simple but very effective design on the pieces and great prongs, lovely that it’s a set with two different earrings to choose from. It’s an elegant set and the colors are rich and sophisticated. Great job.

September 2020 joint winner
Annemarie Klappe

Juror comments – Everything about this piece is so well integrated. It is difficult to determine where the central focal point starts and the chain begins. The shape of the focal element matches the repetitious motifs of the chain creating wonderful harmony in the piece and the color match is extraordinary. The lovely polymer flowers fit just right and give a pop of color which lifts the whole design. Fabulous piece.

September 2020 joint winner
Anca Crahmaliuc

Juror comments – Kudos for doing a double sided piece with an elegant and ‘grown-up’ side and a fun and playful side allowing the wearer to choose the mood for the day. The jury love that the polymer background on the whimsical unicorn side of the piece is so well integrated. The crystal chain works so well with the design whichever side is shown. The polymer beads on the chain don’t work quite so well as they are a little out of proportion with the rest of the piece. Great use of repetition and everything is well integrated, well done!


Bits and Pieces Challenge 

Theme: Summer

AUGUST Bits and Pieces Challenge Elements:

1. Three fire-in-place stones
2. Metal clay ball embellishments
3. Embeddable eyelet(s)
4. Something to add movement
5. For texture or used in the design – a piece of ribbon or braid.

August 2020 joint winner
Joy Wignall

Juror comments – Beautifully designed and executed piece. Love the beaded kumihimo. Love this design, the whole piece works really nicely. The only thing I might have tried is CZs in a matching pink/red color to the beads on the bracelet. The clear CZs just get a little lost. Fab piece, great work on the clasp and the integration of the texture of the silver bead with the beadwork on the rest of the bracelet. I agree about the color of the CZ’s. Very well executed.

August 2020 joint winner
Annemarie Klappe

Juror comments – Lots of great movement in this piece–not only the dangling flower that appears to be dancing but also in the design of the body of the piece. Love this design, really nicely done. Well executed and thought through. I would love to see what it would look like patinated. Pretty cool piece. Very good use of the stones and their placement is fab. I’d prefer a chain for hanging and a different background for the photo and also agree about the patina.