Get Your Listing in the AMCAW Artist Showroom

We’re glad you want to be part of the AMCAW Artist Showroom! We can’t wait to promote the wonderful metal clay work created by our members.

Everyone has turned to buying online during recent months. People who value handcrafted work can’t buy it at art fairs and festivals these days, and are trying to find individual artists online. By showcasing multiple artists on one site, shoppers can easily browse to find the style of work they prefer, and connect directly to you.

We’ll be promoting the showroom online; with an average of over 18,000 impressions per month, we can reach more buyers than artists can usually reach by themselves. Everyone benefits!

How the AMCAW Artist Showroom Works
You upload one image of your work that you think will make shoppers want to see more. We will include the image, with your name and jewelry business name, in a page showing images from other metal clay artists. Shoppers who are intrigued by your image can click directly to your site. If they buy, they buy directly from you.

It’s Free!
There is no fee for being listed in our showroom. It’s another benefit for being a member of AMCAW; you’ll be listed as long as you’re an AMCAW member.

It’s Easy!
Just fill out the form below, and upload your image. We’ll launch the site in a week or two so watch for the announcement. You may submit a new photo at any time to replace your current image. If you are selling via Instagram or Facebook, you can include a link to that page, rather than an online store.