Winning in More Ways than One

Mar 22, 2019 | Challenges, News

By: Lis-el Crowley

We are really excited about seeing submissions for our first ever challenge at AMCAW. The prizes are spectacular and we look forward to awarding them to the lucky winners. However, this challenge is not just about the prizes.

As far as we’re concerned, when you successfully submit an entry to the challenge, you are already a winner. Learning how to follow submission guidelines, take a great photo at the proper resolution, fill out a form and upload a document are all part of the process. This will give you skills and experience that will allow you to enter other competitions, apply to shows, and more.

Additionally, creating a piece for a challenge with specific guidelines will hopefully stretch you artistically, causing you to work in new ways, and strive for greater creative approaches. This makes you a better artist and encourages you to try new things.

And finally, just taking the step from making to entering causes you to have greater confidence in yourself, your artwork, and your technical skills.

We encourage you all, to take advantage of this opportunity to win, win, win, and who knows –  you may just also get a prize!

About Lis-el
Lis-el Crowley is one of the most well-known metal clay teachers in the U.S., the creator of the Metal Clay Mojo Conference, and a founder and director of the Metalclay Artisan Guild in Connecticut.  She is one of the founding members of AMCAW.

Challenge FAQs:  What Artists are Asking

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