Learn How To Edit Your Photos like a Pro

Dec 26, 2020 | Guest Blog, Photography

Photo editing can be a contentious subject, you will find those who think editing is cheating. When it comes to photos of your products, editing them to make the photos show your product off better is not a bad thing!

Spending a little time to make your photos look better will make your business look more professional and help increase sales.

This video tutorial will take you through the steps to make small changes to your images to improve them ready to be loaded up to your online shop or use on your social media feeds.

The photo I’ll be editing in the video is a wirework pendant. An important point to note at this point is that the original photo is a large file and the piece is perfectly in focus.

Along with editing your images it is really important to spend time shooting your products as well as you can. It’s vital to make sure your pictures are completely in focus. Nothing looks less professional than a blurry product shot.

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Guest Blog: Sian Hamilton

Sian trained as a jeweller in the 1990s and has worked as a designer ever since. She is passionate about metal clay and technology, a combination she often acknowledges are not natural partners. These days Sian is a web designer and created the AMCAW website back in 2018. She still looks after it today and loves to see all the new content coming in on a regular basis. Sian also volunteers as the head of the Web and Technology team and as a member of the Curating team for AMCAW.

As a web designer Sian has found that a lot of people struggle with photography, one of the most important things if you want to sell your work, enter competitions or even just show off your creations at their best on social media. With this in mind, she is determined to show that these skills are available to all and with a little knowledge and time anyone can take great photos.

In 2021, Sian is launching a course for small business owners, individuals and maker sellers on how to build your own website and e-commerce shop. If you would like to learn more about Sian’s course join her Facebook group Master Your WordPress Website or visit her website Sapphire Blue Academy and sign up for her newsletter.